27 Oct

Work hard play hard. Something I truly believe in. I finally let go of rigid early morning training and got up and got dirty. I knew I had to run 9-10 miles, but didn’t care when. I have been really good with morning and afternoon workouts, but family first. I deserve a break and so do my boys. We woke up and made breakfast. Ate it on the balcony, then headed to the beach. It had been a while since we went to play. It was nice. I wish the lifeguard didn’t drive towards us (no dogs on this beach), but we got some good runs in chasing seagulls! I also got to take care of myself. Got my hair did. I can’t have those grey hairs when I cross the finish! Anyways.. I got my run in before dinner. Nice to actually simulate what it will be like on race day. I will start in the sun and finish in the dark. Gets ya thinking! T minus 19 days!

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