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01 Jul

So, I have been telling my friend Erin for months that I was going to start blogging again. Literally… I keep saying “this week”.  Internally, I can’t quite get the courage, the drive, the whatever it is… it’s not as “exciting” as doing my first full Ironman.  But.. it is. It’s actually better. Same distance, different journey. I am a VERY different person/athlete than I was when I raced Ironman Arizona.  This time around, you will get more real life experiences, a touch of preaching about gratitude, maybe some drama, and a lot about eating and training. LOL

If you are new to this blog… welcome! I am Jade and I am racing Ironman World Championships in Kona this October.  This is going to be my journey through words on why I “TRI”, and how I feel like it’s helping others, including myself, overcome depression and adversity, while inspiring others and bringing people together.

Brief background on me… I come from an amazing family. I was called GI JADE from a very young age. (I got a camouflage power wheels for Christmas one year.. not a pink Barbie one). I stand up for myself and my friends. I was an awesome soccer player, but chose volleyball and track instead. I went to great schools, had parents come to every game, had a good group of friends, and yes, boys had koodies until college, and well.. maybe they still do?!

Like everyone, we all have crap when you are born in to a big family… it is what it is. Unfortunately, our family is known for depression. We have had 4 suicides. 3 in the past several years, with the first being when I was in jr. high. In 2003, I was on a 51/50 (not my prettiest moment obviously). We can dwell on it, or we can educate and grow from it.  My story.. well… I just so happened to have hit a spot in my life where I didn’t know how to cope. I was hard on myself, not wanting to let anyone else down, and wanting to be a people pleaser.  But looking back… I had all the tools; Exercise, physical activities, friends… I just didn’t know what to do and how to get thru hardships.

Life IS hard, but it’s worth waiting for. Never would I imagine life being as great as it is. Not saying its easy all the time and not saying its perfect… but pretty good.

I loved playing ball in college.. thats how I met my now husband… we have traveled to other countries… we own a home.. we have a dog… a great family… a vintage VW… and I get to race Ironman World Championships in Kona. I mean.. WOW! 

Jimmy Buffett once said “Everything in moderation. Make your avocation your vocation. Go see the world. And be Santa Claus when you can.” I truly try to live by this and you should too. I believe in Karma… hence my bike is named Karma. (its appropriate) With the help of nice people, and great support team, and some awesome Shimano parts.. I will be on the best bike at this race!

This has become much longer than I expected… Sorry! In future posts, I will be throwing in blogs about the support team that will be going to Kona with me (15 to be exact), and some fun facts and stories and pics surrounding #teamtully2019


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