Uniting a Community of Women

25 Sep

Last night I had the privileged of teaching a workout at our local New Balance store. It was a women’s only event with a social aspect, as well as fitness. We had a group between 30-40 women show up for a night of fun. Most people were strangers to one another. This made it even more amazing! I love the idea of bringing together like minded people, especially women, and empowering one another. My favorite thing from the night was a pair that had met that evening. They instantly hit it off. They introduced themselves and thanked me for the workout and motivation. The one woman was working out for the FIRST time in 7 years. She has 3 children and hadn’t found the time. She saw this event posted and thought she would try it. Her new found fitness friend said she would be her buddy in getting in shape again. THIS MADE MY NIGHT! This is what womanhood should be about. Helping, uniting, encouraging. Whether you are training for an ironman, or happy to get a walk in… we should all be there for each other. Stop the competition and start joining forces. I know it’s really hard to have that mind set living in orange County, but we have to! I had a blast! I hope we get to do this again! Thank you again to the staff and owner at New Balance OC. I love my shoes and apparel. It was a great event and people are talking about it still!

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