Two Weeks Until We Leave

30 Oct

Last night I read my athlete’s guide. Took notes on questions I had for my coach. I, like a nerd, highlighted what I thought was important or what I needed to know. I made copies of the course for my support crew. I made piles of what stuff I need to bring out. I have notes ready to bring my coach about all my bags. I set aside my car paint. Yes, car paint. You bet I am making this nothing short of fun and amazing. Decorating the car before we head out. Just like you do for kids baseball tournaments. I have a checklist running of things I still need to get. One of which is a headband to put in my special needs bag. In case it gets cold, I want something I can cover my ears with. Anyways… this is my rant, but 2 weeks from today, we will drive straight in to Tempe where I will pick up my bags. Saturday we will return, and drop off my bike and bags, and I will hop in the lake for a quick swim. Next week is my last full work week before race week. So crazy. I never thought it would be here. I have been training for MONTHS. Since beginning of the year. My friends and family have dealt with nothing but IM talk. I am sure they will be happy when this is over. I will be too. For now… prayers please. 2 weeks to stay healthy and injury free!

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