They Believe

11 Jul

If you know me, you know that my training the past few weeks has really ramped up. I have 2-3 a days, long days on weekends, super early mornings, and still working full time, teaching spin 2 nights a week, and bootcamp one night a week. I struggle with the fact that i am about 4 months out and I think this is hard. And not only is it hard, I have learned more than ever that training for a full IronMan is very lonely. Usually everyone trains by themselves during the week, and if you are lucky, you find at least one person to ride with on the weekend. Luckily I have found riders on the weekend, but the week is the hard part. So, to my surprise, coming home from a Monday.. a work day, a spin night, tired from a BIG training weekend… I get the mail after dinner, and opened up this lovely quote. My BFF’s Becca and Erin sent this to me. Timing is perfect. If it were not for the support of these two AMAZING women, I don’t think I would be continuing on. They keep me going. They teach me how to believe. They make me a better friend, person. I have grown so much already this journey. But I can’t help but thank them a million times over. Words can’t express it. But seriously.. how cute is this??? Gold foiled and amazing! I am going to hang it in my office, and plan to hang the photo of my finish right under. I tear up just thinking about all this. It’s amazing. And though Becca is in France, I have all planned in my head that someone will Face Time her as I come in the finish. Erin I hope to fly out LOL and I will be able to have everyone there who helped me thru. Thank you E & B for believing. At times I don’t.. you remind me I should. XOXOXO

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