The Real World

19 Jan

When I signed up for IronMan, I was working for myself, freelancing, doing my thing on my time. My husband Josh and I agreed that my long training days would be on Fridays. This was to ensure that we still had “family” time on the weekends. Well, I got offered a job on Christmas Eve and I took it. I started two weeks ago. HOLY $h**! Things are crazy. I had a melt down already and I am not even NEAR my big race. I get up at 4:30am or 4:45 (usually), I get my workout in, I shower and eat SUPER FAST, then head to work. I then sit in traffic and come home, and some nights I teach a bootcamp or spin class. I feel like I have zero time and I go to bed at 8pm almost every night. I have no time for laundry, shopping, family. Its so hard. I feel like the house isn’t so clean anymore. I don’t even get the mail every day just because its a hassle and low priority. The end of week 2 was a little bit better. Thankfully Josh understands… for the most part.. but I don’t know how normal people do this training. It is seriously out of control. I need to just train full time. Luckily it hasn’t beaten me up too bad… but I just mean… man.. I had a rough 2 weeks. Looking for some motivation and inspiration in the weeks to come. I know I will figure this out. And it all works out. Just praying for that to happen sooner than later.  Going to bed.. LOL GOOD NIGHT!

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