The Godparents

11 Jul

It’s time to meet the team! I am so unbelievably lucky to say that there will be 16 of us out in Hawaii for my race. 2 of which we call AP & UJ (Aunt Paula and Uncle John) a.k.a. my godparents.

My fondest memory of these two is a quote by my Uncle John, “..children should be seen and not heard..” Sometimes being in a big Italian family was scary.. looking back.. it’s quite hilarious and I learned to shut the hell up, be a good kid, clear the dishes, and do not question seniority. Anyways… this will be their FIRST Ironman event and FIRST time watching me race. It will be quite exciting to have them there. Their love and support for all I do does not go unnoticed.

This is going to be a wild! Thank you for being by my side! I love your spark for life. You constantly remind us to stay humble and happy. Cheers to Kona 2019 and the best family trip!

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