The 3 Month Countdown

17 Aug

This past weekend marked the 3 month countdown. I can’t believe it. It is going by so fast. I know a lot of people are like, “Oh, you got plenty of time!”, but I have been training for 6 months so far. Not hard core that whole time, but prepping for this event. Learning to like the swim, getting comfortable with volume of workouts and all that. I would start training for a marathon now… I mean it’s crazy talk to me! I have so SO much more work to do and put in. I still can’t imagine biking for that long. I am about to up my mileage and time in the saddle after this weekend. That should be good. Really test where I am at. Briefly at dinner this weekend we chatted about the weekend of the race. I got a little excited, but also felt a bit selfish. Just because I get so excited that I will have a few fans. Plus, it honestly just takes my mind of the fears I have and anxiety of race day. So if I can focus on something else, I am good. We will call the house “Fan Headquarters”. (in my head I have it looking like a ton of people just there to have a good time, but I know it will be a few friends and my parents and the dog.. lol. But we will stock up on food, snacks, matching t-shirts, and we will have a blast! I was told the spectating part is like a long ass tailgate party. You bring chairs, a tent to sit under, food, cheer signs, and you hang out. There are bars/restaurants across the street, so I would hope my fans get liquored up. Will make it more interesting! HAHAHA I also hope that when I finish I have enough energy to go grab a drink! I would hate for people to watch all dang day and I pass out after. No fun! HAHAHAHA… Anyways.. none the less.. I am at the 3 month mark, and just taking it one week at a time. I get really anxious thinking about all the stuff, not just physically, but the rules of IM, the nutrition, etc.. its SO overwhelming!

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  1. I wish I could be there! I can't imagine still having the energy to get a drink after – but I bet you will feel great and the excitement of accomplishing your goal will keep you going! I can't wait to hear how you feel at the end!

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