Tested By Celeste!

09 Nov

I have not had a flat tire in over a year. I have actually never changed one myself. With that in mind, Saturday was our last ride before getting the bikes tuned and ready to leave for IMAZ. I was feeling a little slow, just tired and stressed it is all, but I was SLOW. So Kirsten road ahead a little.. totally normal. But then I started hearing things and I felt like I was going to be hammering and I just was not moving. So I pull over to check my gears, etc… I have a flat. WTF! Kirsten was really ahead.. so I texted her hoping she would come back. None the less.. it was go time. I had to learn sooner or later. So in about 12-15 minutes I changed my flat! The best lesson I could have learned that day is that I can change my own tire. Well… Celeste (my bike), was still pissed. I flatted again…. Changed tube again. Didn’t know why. Earlier that morning we hit a rough spot.. maybe that was it? Oh well.. we make it to the turn around.. and headed back from San O, I flat a THIRD FREAKING time. I hope this is all the bad luck leaving my system and race day will be awesome. At this point I am out of tubes. But a nice guy asked if we needed help, and while laughing, because it was so ridiculous, we kindly said PLEASE! He offered his spare tube. Thank the lord! In return, we bought him coffee before we split up to head home. He actually is racing Ironman Arizona too. So we chatted about training and racing. Very nice to meet someone randomly and find out you are all racing together! Anyways.. that was my lesson for the weekend. Prayers that does NOT happen on race day!

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