23 Jul

I was quite surprised the other day when I got a small package. I opened it up and it was this kick ass tank. OF COURSE I was quick to send thanks to Erin and Becca, but when I got a response saying it wasn’t them… I WAS SHOCKED! A day later I got an email from my cousin asking if I got a package… she was the culprit! I was very happy to get it… especially from family. And what makes it even better, is for the first time ever, I had a FAMILY member tell me they were proud of me. It made me tear up. I am so thankful for those words and yes the tank. The pic is a little weird because I was out in the drizzle, but you get the picture! Side note, #teamjade is taken, so I am taking #teamgijade For anyone who reads this, is inspired by this, trains with me, goes to IMAZ for the race, lets use this hashtag as well!

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