SSSSSHHHHH…. A Healthy Little Secret!

22 Jun

Some of my clients and I had the privilege of meeting the owner of Healthy Little Secret after our workout last week. Catherine came in and demonstrated 3 EASY ways to cook/use quinoa. We got to sample a breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It was AMAZING at how good everything was, as well as easy. You have to commit to about 20 mins to prep and cook, BUT THAT IS IT! Best part…. being able to re-make what we did. Often you can’t replicate or it doesn’t taste the same, but not here. A double whammy for me… the breakfast bar we made is a great source of energy for me on my endurance workouts. I road 62 miles on Saturday and took a bar with my shot blocks… PERFECT! I didn’t feel like I crashed or bonked. Well, other than just typical tired legs. Often when I try new stuff I get the poops or upset tummy.. but this was a great breakfast before the ride, and snack during. Catherine’s services are great. From healthy coaching to wellness and food prep. She comes HIGHLY recommended by me! Check out her site! I can’t wait to have her over again!

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