Social Media Lies Sometimes

12 May

I recently ready this article and watched the ESPN clip: It made me so so sad. This poor college freshman felt that she had no way out of her stress and depression, but to kill herself. She was a track star at Penn State who had a ton of friends that were not athletes. In short, on top of the stress of school, and life, she thought that her friends were “living the college life”. Via social media like Insta and FB, they were perceived as partying, recreationally working out, traveling, goofing off, etc. I think this is a true issue for all ages. Kids to adults. Why are you posting and writing about this you ask…. simple. I judge and I know you do it too. I post a lot, well most, on Instagram, about my workouts. How early I got up, how beautiful the beach run was, and so on. All of it is true, and fun, and great that I do that. But its not my whole life. I balance a full time job, a husband, a puppy, and crazy family, and friends when I can. I think it is important that we show, when we can, our life balance. I have sat and listened to conversations about people judging moms on FB and how all they do is stay home, or get to go to Disneyland… but do we REALLY know their life? I think we get these misconceptions of people and we need to just chill. So, I am making it a point, on social media, and this blog… to share everything. Which I think I do.. but it will be the good, bad, and ugly. I want people to know I am normal, kinda… and have major life balancing to accomplish. Life is demanding.. it’s important we have moderation in everything.

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