So Happy!

28 Apr

On Sunday, my friend Erin and I were texting after/during our workouts to tell each other how we felt. Saturday we had an awesome workout day with an interval runin the morning and a spin class shortly after. Our legs were tired. So Sunday she had to run 9 and I road and ran. Its funny, we text each other and she wrote back I look happy…. and well… I was! I have not road solo in a while. I haven’t actually road in a while period. I forgot how nice it is sometimes to just be out. No music, sounds of other bikers, runners, the beach, cars, etc. It gives you time to think, have the fresh air in your face. I think working out with others or a group is FANTASTIC, but sometimes you have to be alone. So.. I encourage you to do a workout, outside, alone, with no music. Just soak up life. How lucky we are to workout. Have limbs that move. No life changing advice here, but something I forgot and wanted to remind you all about! XOXO

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