Running with friends is Awesome!

26 Jan

Today I was really fortunate to get to run with my friend Erin. One of my main supporters… one of the ones I get the little surprise goodies from. It was GREAT to be able to chat for 9 miles about life, love, running, friends, how crazy we are, and more! After our 9 mile run, we went to grab coffee… sat outside, took in the fresh air and just chatted. I am so in awe of how awesome my girlfriend is. Always up for new things, challenging herself, being a better person, and all smiling and having fun while doing it. I love it. Makes me want to be that person. Today I also realized that I don’t always need a physical push, but a mental one too. I love that I have surrounded myself with likeminded friends. We talked about running, goals, dreams, aspirations, who supports us, how we manage,  how much we eat, pooping, socks, and more. It felt great to sit and have a real conversation with real friends. I challenge you to drop the phones, and grab coffee and just talk. Whether its your spouse, friend, co-worker, but that mental stimulation is exciting!  Thank you Erin for a great run. I am so lucky to have you as a friend!!

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