Quick SD Trip!

13 May

This past weekend my husband, dog, and I went camping with his immediate family in North County San Diego. We ended up having gorgeous weather and a great campsite. If you are not a camper, or have never gone. I really think you should. Camping is peaceful. You get to step away from the ‘real world’. Experience different sounds, environment, etc. I am lucky too that my coach believes in a well balanced life. I tell him when I am gone, or can’t fit something in, or when I would actually rather do a small workout and focus on family time. I think that is REALLY important. So, I was lucky enough to have a small run planned and I was able to meet my girlfriend Erin along the way. She had a long run planned… so she ran to me.. we ran 6 together… and she ran back. it was great! I am learning how to really manage my time with training. Sometimes I have to just do it. And suck it up. And train. And sometimes I have to let go and understand other things come first. I know a lot of my posts talk about this, but its REALLY important. To me and to a healthy well being. Whether its IM or a 10K. I think this is teaching me life lessons left and right. So cray! XOXO

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  1. After you conquer Iron Man AZ, we can start a running club and name it "Happy runners, even though cyclists won't get in single file formation, and sometimes we have to run directly into traffic"…Too long? 😉

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