05 Jun

The past two days have not been all that glamorous when it comes to my workouts. Wednesday I had 3 workouts: morning swim, afternoon yoga, and evening spin. I was supposed to swim an hour, and I lasted 35 minutes. This was not just one of those bad days.. this was like, swallow water every stroke, drown, Shamu, back tight, you suck at life morning. So that started off my day. Yoga was hard because I was so sore from cross training Tuesday night. And spin was just crazy because I kicked butt thru all the pain… but then ended just so beat. After spin, my coach proceeded to tell me his girlfriend was faster than me. Which… anyone is faster than me. BUT.. after thinking about it. It kinda got to me. I don’t want to be known as the pathetic athlete. I don’t want to be slow. I need to be intense. I can’t be in denial that this Ironman is a walk in the park. I know its not, but I need to treat my training as intense as this race really is. So I woke up, later than I wanted, but still went to the gym. Ran there.. excuse me.. warmed up more… did my sets for 60 minutes, then ran home. But instead of taking it easy… I pushed myself. When my legs didn’t want to move and my back hurt.. I jut took super deep breaths, loud exhale.. and pushed. I wasn’t gonna give up, walk, stop, or end early. I was F-ing determined this morning. My body hurts, but I am proud. I give up too easily sometimes. Or make excuses. This week I am not doing that. That is my goal. It’s hard. I am already stressed out about my two workouts today. I have family party at night and need to fit it in. I will.. but its hard. A 9-5 job, teaching spin, clients, training, oh ya.. and not having your husband and dog hate you for it all. I think that is the hardest part- Leaving in the morning. It makes me sad to leave my little smush knowing we had a great routine, and knowing that my workouts never interfered with my family life. Ugh. Oh well! Back to the grind. Check in soon! XOXO

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  1. Training is so hard but you are an inspiration! So many other people would have given up by now. When you are all done, you can look back at these hard times and realize, if you can make it through something like this you can make it through anything!! Hang in there! XO

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