Philippians 4:13

26 Oct

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” – Philippians 4:13 I am not preaching to you all, but keeping this verse in mind this week. I was challenged last week with the death of a family member. He was only 22 and took his own life. Sadly, this happens to be the third suicide in my family. Selfishly, I am like “WTF! I don’t need this 3 weeks before Ironmna!”… but then I woke up a bit. This only fueled my desire to work. This gave me the o-kay feeling to be OK with just finishing. Yes.. I would love a great time. But I am happy to take this challenge. I am happy for my health, and happy that this, though insane to complete, keeps me sane. Some people are not fortunate to have an outlet like I do… in running, or fitness, or yoga. I wasn’t close to this cousin, but he is still blood. My heart hurts for my uncle who has to deal with this. And I pray my family can keep it together. It is hard enough to deal with one, but three!? That’s just awful. So… needless to say I have lacked some focus, but really my priority is my family… and that’s ok. I know I will finish. It may not be pretty… But I am gonna do it. I have my family, my friends, and God behind me. Tell your family you love them. Tell your friends too. Talk about mental illness, depression, suicide. It’s real. Tell people how you feel. I bet you a million bucks you are not alone if you feel sad some days.

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