OC Half Marathon PR

05 May

The OC Half was this past weekend. I was running on behalf of Girls on the Run Orange County and I was excited to be doing it. My coach and I decided that this weekend, race particular, would be a training weekend. Not your typical taper and rest before the run. And no rest after. I was to run and go to spin class right after. So… I did just that. I trained up until race day. I got up at 4am, got ready, and was out the door by 4:30am. Nothing unusual for race day. I listened to my music, got pumped, and said to myself, “here we go… just you and the asphalt today”. I wasn’t running with anyone. Solo. I wanted to run a 1:50. My best time is a 1:54. I ended up running a 1:48. A few things kept me going: 1. I didn’t want to disappoint my coach. I feel like (even though its base training) I am such a wimp. I needed to prove to myself, and him, I could do it. The course had a few more hills than I ever imagined, so I am happy. 2. I was surprised by 2 friends. One from San Diego. I was SCREAMING like a little kid. I couldn’t believe. I was sooo happy. Form then on… I couldn’t slow down. I kept going. 3. I met a friend on the course. He was very happy and positive. I needed him. He pulled me thru to mile 10, then I carried us to the finish. We needed each other. He PR’s as well. I am blessed to have the friends I have in my life. I am stoked that this time, for me, was fast. I am very happy. Put your mind to it, do some speed work, and all will work out! I think spin made my legs more tired.. but I am good. Tired, but good. Nothing a margarita won’t fix on this Cinco de Mayo!

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