Not Sure How I Feel

28 Oct

I am tired. This picture on the trainer was taken around 4am. I got up at 3:20am to get on trainer by 3:40am. Only to get to yoga at 5:45am. It’s hard, but if you want to see your family and work, and live.. .a little… you have to do early mornings. But I am about done. Starting to feel beat and super tired. My race numbers came too. Makes me excited, nervous, fearful, happy, and so much more. It’s so close. I leave in 2 weeks to head out to Arizona. WOW! I don’t know what I will do. How I will be. What if I just start balling when I get to Ironman Village? Ugh.. all these emotions. It’s unreal. I know it’s all I talk about. I am sorry. But it seriously consumes your life.

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