Next Stop… Solana Beach!

09 Jul

Sunday was a day I was waiting for all week. We had planned on riding from San Juan Capistrano to Solona Beach. It’s only 50 miles, but the fact that we were riding somewhere and didn’t have to turn around was AMAZING! We road the path, went thru Camp Pendelton, the to Pizza Port. That was our goal: Just get to the pizza! I had a lot of fun. I was the slowest of the 3, but didn’t care. Hopefully the pictures show you just how much fun we had. Despite the wet weather towards the end.. LOL We had 2pm train tickets home. We couldn’t get bike spots any sooner, but it worked out. We walked around the little town, shopped, had coffee, and came back. Oh, lets not forget Erin came and met us for lunch! So happy to see her and have her meet my riding friends. James has been riding with me almost every weekend. It’s great!

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