My New Best Friend

23 Jun

I have a new Suunto watch that can basically do everything with me. It is so advanced, it can basically have a dance party with me! This thing tells me how many laps I do in a pool, my HR, my rest time, my mileage, GPS, how slow I am, how fast I am, when I do multiple sports in a day, and more. ITS FREAKING CRAZY! I was looking in to all the Garmin watches and different technologies, but to be honest, this is great. Pretty user friendly, and beautiful. It’s easy to read, and the software connects with multiple sited to track your progress. If you are looking for a watch.. ask me more. Check out the site. It’s great!

One thought on “My New Best Friend

  1. You finally got a watch!!! Glad you love it. I've been using my Fitbit but all it does is tell me how many steps I took in a day, I don't even think it's that accurate. Glad this one is working for you!!!

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