My Mentor & My Friend

21 Jul

As some of you may or may not know, I kind of just stumbled in to the triathlon world. I was a runner. An avid runner. Until I came up with a chronic planter fascia issue in my left foot. I battled with MAJOR pain for 15 months until I decided to get it looked at. I was told in December 2013 that I needed surgery, but I was racing Carlsbad and had been training with a coach. Ugh.. so the deal was I could race Sunday and get my surgery the day after. I did just that. Monday after surgery I woke up and knew right away that I was better. The pain was gone. It was amazing! Anyways, I had a physical therapist I saw when I had my shoulder surgeries… we will call her C. (I want to respect her privacy so I will not reveal a full faced pic or her name) She got me in to endurance running after my second shoulder surgery. Basically she told me I needed a back up in case volleyball wasn’t meant to be. So, she inspired me to do that. Then I had my foot surgery. She had gotten in to triathlons and encouraged me to. I was like AW HELL NO. But I was forced to swim and bike after surgery. I couldn’t run for MONTHS! It was torture! Fast forward, C was signed up to be a part of this all women’s talk at REI. 3 women from all different walks of life, talking about how to handle triathlons… the work life balance. The community there and the women. SO INSPIRING. I met some great people. Its an expensive sport and I had women offer wetsuits, bikes, etc. WHO KNEW! So I considered it. None the less…fast forward to Sunday night. My friend C met me for a beer at a local sports bar. Just to chat. Check in with me, give advice. I couldn’t be more appreciative. We were there for 3 hours. Just talking. It was so refreshing to be able to have that conversation. talk about the good, bad, and the ugly. I have been reflecting a lot lately about my journey and the people involved, and I respect her so much. The picture of the lady on the bike is her. She is an elite athlete, amazing friend, PT, wife, and mentor. I can’t be more thankful for such a good role model and mentor. I owe her the world!

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