Lots of Emotions This Weekend

11 Aug

Good morning & Happy Monday! I had a lot to think about this past weekend. First, Friday afternoon I found out that IronMan Arizona is not going to a rolling swim start. There is NO mass start for my race now. Immediately I was relieved. Pretty much instant anxiety gone. My fear of the mass start, 2800 people starting from a treading water start, getting ran over etc, has been cut in half… if not more. The swim for me is all mental. I know I can swim.. . it’s just finishing and swimming in a big group. So though it will still be hard, the mental pressure is slightly at ease now. So Saturday I road. What was supposed to be 4 hours turned in to only 3.5. . I was dead, beat, tired, hot, sore legs, back, neck, knees… not sure what was up. I was hammering for a bit, but not enough to crash like I did. Saturday was the first day I really doubted my biking. This whole time I kept telling myself, and others, that the bike would be where I catch up my time. Looks like I have lots of practice. It was a very humbling weekend. Gonna power thru to this weekend. This weekend is the 3 month countdown. So freaking crazy! Here’s to a good week of training for whatever it is you are training for: 10K, 5K, life, full, tri… go get and stay positive!

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