Let’s Clear Things Up

02 Jul

I finally had the balls to ask my coach about his comments. I want you all to know. I was actually right. He didn’t read/remember the text I sent him saying “When you look at my watch log, you will only see half the route. I forgot to start it. But here is proof I am doing it”. I send this at the half way point in our 4 hour ride. I also make mention of it on our shared calendar. I was actually livid that he missed it. I work so hard to stay consistent. I am trying my best. I know I am not any elite athlete or pro, but I am seeking help and he is my coach. Then I thought about just leaving him because for 2 seconds my thoughts were his new girlfriend was a distraction. (note: she is an elite racer and he is coaching her as well). So am I chopped liver for taking this on? Ugh.. clearly you can tell I am due for my period. My emotions are crazy this week. None the less. I was able to get all my workouts in and have a glass of wine with some good company. Looking forward to a BIG weekend of workouts. can’t wait to tell you about it!

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