Las Vegas Mini Vacation

27 Aug

This past weekend, Josh and I decided last minute to head to Vegas. We have friends out there so we were very lucky we could go as a family…. dog and all! We almost didn’t go, since it was just what we would do at home… but we went. And I am glad we did! Sometimes just a change of scenery is nice. We literally just hung out. We cooked every meal in, we swam and BBQ’d, watched TV, and walked around town and got ice cream. I was lucky to find a group to ride with. I only got in 3.5 hours, but I did get something in. I got dropped super quick, but still enjoyed the scenery! I was slightly under the weather, but not enough to let it get me down. We are very fortunate to have friends like Mo and Haylee and very appreciative that everyone understands I still need to train. And that I was able to and in a safe place. Thank you!

One thought on “Las Vegas Mini Vacation

  1. I keep meaning to ask you, what does it mean when you get 'dropped'? You say that a lot… how was the ride out there? Better than our 16 mile (18?) Red Rock run without water? Haha, oh the memories, we were crazy!

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