If there is a will, there is a way…

05 Jun

You know what I did this morning? Stayed in bed. That’s right. Instead of my normal a$$ early routine (partially cuz the dog is up too), I stayed in bed and snuggled with Waxer (the dog) and listened to my hubby snore. And it was AWESOME! Sometimes, you have to allow those small, good things, to just be. Because you know what- If there is a will…. there is a way. I know I have 2 workouts today. I can do one at lunch and one after work. And you know what…. it will be ok. I LOVE morning workouts. I feel like I start my day off right, but also learning that its totally OK to just chill. I will make it happen. I am the type that will. And I am letting you know. I didn’t shower before work either. That’s how late I was! LOL

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