I Feel Like I Can Conquer The World Today!

22 Sep

Today I dreaded my morning workout. I had to do 3700… my longest swim to date. Ever. In my life. I was over thinking it, yet trying to prepare. I don’t know why I let swimming get to me. But I do. The worst part… pool swimming is easy. Come game day.. it’s open water. But whatever. I was so worked up I had the nervous poops. Yeah, I said it, LOL. None the less.. my coach wanted me to do it in 1:15 minutes.. I did it 4 minutes slower. But to be honest.. in my head I had imagined it would take me close to 90 minutes. So I was happily surprised. IronMan is 4000.. or slightly over. So I was VERY close to my actual distance on race day. I hope I can swim a decent time that day, but believe me, I will just be happy to get out with out being disqualified! After I finished my swim.. I sat in the spa and just reflected… I am doing things I never would have imagined. Forever grateful and thankful for my health, support, and coach. I feel like I can do anything today!

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