I Don’t Know How This Works

25 Jun

So, I keep getting little remarks like “2 hours is not 4 hours on a bike, you need to ride longer more consistently”. . . I am 4 months away… do I need to be riding 65-85 miles now? I am not sure, I am actually questioning. Its so long so soon I feel like. If it gets harder and worse from here, will I make it? Am I cut out for this? When you don’t have home support, it makes it tough to get out the door. I feel guilty EVERY time. I really don’t know what to do. I feel like an idiot. Of Course 2 hours is not 4 hours. But isn’t 2 hours better than no hours? Ugh.. I am struggling with this right now. Making this all fit in to a summer schedule is not so easy. Thats all for now. Small rant today. My margarita at Taco Tuesday will make it all better!

3 thoughts on “I Don’t Know How This Works

  1. If anyone is cut out for this, it's YOU!!!!! Remember how you ran 13 miles and then we ran a marathon a few weeks later? Anything is possible!!! Haha. Hang in there!!!

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