Holy So Sick!

25 Feb

Sometimes I get really nervous that my coach thinks I try and take the easy way out. I say this because Last Thursday I just didn’t have time to workout. I trained a client in the morning, worked a 10 hour day, came home to cook and see family, before I knew it… 8:30pm. Friday I got the fly. Like vomit all night, super violent, think you are gonna die kind of sick. Sunday… barely alive resting. Of course… still have yet to workout. Monday I flew out for work (no choice), and now, Tuesday night, I am fighting a cold. I was able to get in a 35 min treadmill workout, but it wasn’t anything to rave home about. I feel so guilty not getting in my training. Not for IM right now, but the marathon. My BFF in France is all over her training and I can’t even get in a run at the moment. I am so nervous that I am going to come back … well.. not at all… I know that seems dramatic, but its how I feel right now. You workout to get to a particular point, and then days go by, and you lose it all. Or most… so it seems. I have an 80 mile ride Saturday, but now it’s supposed to rain. Ugh.. I am just so sick, and tired, and weak, and frustrated right now. As soon as I am better, I need to hit the ground running. Hard. Train hard. Rest. Recover fast. Eat well. No joking around. Sometimes I feel like I need to lesson how much I train (clients) during the week. Its so hard to balance it all. I do, but then I lose the quality in my own rest/training. Anyone got advice??

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