Happy 2015… the year of ‘GO BIG OR GO HOME’!

02 Jan

Today is January 1st. Happy New Year! Today is day one of prepping my body for IM. A little strength and conditioning today did the body good!

 I met with my coach this past week. So exciting. He is basically awesome. I completely trust him and my training plans this year. We decided to make min goals and sport specific goals so I don’t get burned out. I like it. So, first up… a half marathon in February with my friend Erin. It will be slow, but good training for me to focus on, since I have the Paris marathon in April…. but in between.. getting in a small hilly ride of 60 miles in March. Biking and running are my two focus points right now, and swimming will be my rest day or cross training day. I will then make swimming my focal point, and biking and running cross training days, then in late July/Sept I will go 110% in to Ironman training. Excited for the journey. My coach suggested new tires for my bike and a new chain…. I said, “GOLD CHAIN!” of course I would… can’t wait to get that sucker. I hope when I go to Paris I can send my bike in to get painted and the hopefully have a sweet all white sparkly bike with a gold chain, and a custom tri outfit! YAY!  Anyways.. Hope all of you have a great 2015 and set some new goals. I definitely suggest you TRI something new! I got a client to sign up for a sprint tri in oct. I am so excited to see her tackle this!  Enough jibber jabber…  XOXO

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