Gratitude & Thankfulness

03 Nov

We should always be grateful and thankful, but November is a time to really show it. I wanted to take time to really tell everyone THANK YOU! I am thankful for my family (pictured above). We got together this weekend to cheer on my little cousin in his freshman football game. Thank you to my family for doing that. Thank you for taking time to show in person to the younger kids that family IS important. To thank them for support, and love, and all the time they put in to making the family stay a family. I know that is what I got out of it. We all took time out of our morning to sit in the HOT sun, and be together. Thank you to my family for showing me the same support. For being there (in person or not) when its not easy. When you hate to see my tired, or struggle. Thank you. Thank you to the random guy I met on my ride Sunday. You didn’t know me but noticed how hard I was working. You took the time to offer words of advice and encouragement. You cheered me on before we parted ways. You were a seasoned triathlete, I could tell. I took to heart what you said. Thank you for being kind. Thank you to my husband who hates to see me leave to get in a workout. Who worries about my safety. I promise you… riding up and down the same path to get in 106 miles is safe. I told you I wouldn’t hit the streets, and I didn’t. Thank you for caring. To my friends who sent me text messages and left me comments on Insta… thank you. This Ironman has consumed my life. It is all I can think about, talk about, stress about, dream about. And I am thankful for that. I have a dream so big some people can’t even fathom it. It has shaped me mentally and physically to a better person. I have much gratitude for people of this sport and all the hard work. To my bestie in France. Who constantly tells me I CAN. Who loves and supports me more than I could ever thank her for being miles a part. To anyone who has self doubt, questions things in life… don’t. Take it. Embrace it. Be thankful for you. There is no other you. Don’t try and be like anyone else. Thank those around you. Call your mom. Be a good friend. Lend a helping hand. Thank you for doing so. Thank you for following. Thank you for reading. I hope I help, inspire, and encourage you in whatever way you need right now.

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