Get Ready!

13 Nov

We made it. I was so overwhelmed going in to Temp Thursday. There were signs hanging from the streets, and athletes walking to the village where we check in. I couldn’t help but get heavy chested and emotional. I started crying when the guy handed me my packet. I was just there.. alone.. thinking..”am I really doing this?” It’s definitely not something I can still believe. Anyways… It’s Thursday and I am sitting here typing my final blog post until after the race. I am kind of avoiding packing all these bags. Its stressful. If you miss something you are screwed. So staring at them, my lists, and taking my time. I feel ok today. Tomorrow I have a practice swim and bike, and then I turn in all my stuff and show up at 5am Sunday. Thank you for following my journey. I hope I make you proud. I hope I can report back next week as an official Ironman.

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