France 2015

19 Apr

The past 10 days I have been in France. Josh and I flew to the coast to visit our friends who live in Biarrittz, and then a week later we went to Paris, where we explored, ate, and ran the Paris marathon. It was so great being with a friend again and having a workout buddy. I think we take for granted how nice it is to have friends that are like-minded. Often I train alone, and it is soooo hard to stay motivated when your alarm goes off before 5am. I had a nice little break having Becca to run with (in France which was amazing), we did a Body Pump class (taught in French… that was fun), and the best was the aqua aerobics class…. HILARIOUS. I promise you it was just comical… and of course… All in French… so I laughed the whole time. All in all, I am so thankful for friends to workout with. If you have a workout buddy, even just once a week, Thank them. Enjoy it, laugh, and don’t flake if you can help it. Its better for you both. Research actually says that! So ya. Do it!

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