Family,Friends, Fun, & Sun!

10 Nov

This weekend I threw a surprise party for my husband. He had NO idea it was coming. That was the best part. I know training for this race has been strenuous physically and mentally. For us both. So the one thing I wanted before race weekend was a chill day at the beach with close friends and family. And we did just that. The party was a success. Family drove from in from all parts of OC and SD to be with Josh. Friends came, my family. It was just lovely. I know that sounds lame… but it was. Everyone was relaxed. We played games, surfed, ate, talked, played cards, walked the slack line. I mean.. we spent hours hanging out. I couldn’t be more thankful, appreciative, and happy that everyone made that day happen. We are very lucky to have a close family. I am reminded constantly that I am loved and supported. I had no idea that Josh’s family was following my blog, that they were praying for me. This makes me cry. I am so blessed to have them as family too. They care. They ask questions. I don’t know. Its just nice ot have that. I am lucky. It makes my heart pump. Knowing that.. one week from now I will be, hopefully, an Ironman. That is just crazy. LIKE SO CRAZY! Anyways, super stoked that I have their support and that they will be watching on Sunday! Go Team #1419!

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