Each Run is Significant

09 Jun

I recently, just cuz, signed up for the Runner’s World cover search thing where you answer a few questions and then post a pic, and people vote you in. I didnt realize it’s a vote until you submit. I think that is silly, but just my opinion. ANYWAYS…. one of the questions was this: What are your most significant running accomplishments? I answered this: “One is not more significant than the other. Each day I make it out the door is significant. Significant because I have two strong legs that help me run. Significant because I have the determination and dedication to making my body and mind healthy. Significant because I am alive and live in a country where i CAN go outside and run safely. Each day is significant. Carpe Diem” I feel very strongly about my answer. I want to express to anyone who reads this that every day is significant. You don’t need to be better than anyone, or compete with anyone. Competition is good, but do what you do for you… and no one else. Treat each day like its the last. I mean it. I was recently in Ohio for work. They told me not to run outside for fear of getting mixed up in their gangs. Apparently it happens there… we are very fortunate. Take advantage of the fact that you are able to do what you can do. That’s all! XOXOXO

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