Checking In

03 Aug

Hello internet! Nothing too new or exciting, but have not posted in a little while. At least words and thoughts. Training is going ok I think. My coach says my fitness is getting better. Slowly I am building up what I need. Each weekend is a challenge to just get thru it. I switched up my ride Saturday and did a hilly 47 miles. That was no fun – LOL. Going back to flat this coming week. Eating is getting better. Doing more food prep and thought out snacks. Really trying to recover well. I found out this morning that my friend/mentor, who I previously wrote about, is volunteering at IronMan Arizona and will be catching finishers… hopefully me! It would really be the full life cycle of this journey if she really did get to bring me in. It makes me get watery eyes just thinking of that moment. The one woman who truly inspires me and encourages me. Who got me in to this crazy mess. HAHAHA. I get to swim again with the masters group that I said I would never do again. I am dreading that, but at this point, just don’t care. I get to meet my coach’s girlfriend. Should be fun. I also get some coffee time with them both. Looking forward to checking in and gaining insight from another woman. She has never raced a full, but on path to get pro card.. or is a pro.. not sure. None the less. Could be good for me! Anyways.. another week of training and another Monday! Happiest of days to you all! XOXO

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