Surprise Mail!

06 Nov

Last night I got a card from our friends Nicole and James. Nicole and I ran together 2 times a week for years… until she got really sick from being prego. James is her hubby and is a triathlete. This card was from BOTH of them which is so sweet. One side has inspirational quotes and some bible versus. The other notes from each of them. It means the world to me to receive this. I couldn’t be more thankful! Nicole has always shown her support and prayers.. whether it was in our sporting events, personal life, or family. I can count on her to be there. So grateful for such amazing people in my life!

Strong Body

05 Nov

My body has endured a lot the past 9 months. It has been beaten down. Strengthened. Toned. Tired. Tested. Fueled. Rested. Stretched. I am grateful to have this body of strength so that I can endure in one of the hardest challenges I have ever taken on: Ironman Arizona 140.6. Huge thank you to my coach Max for putting up with me. Getting me here. Texting and emailing me back EVERY time I wrote. I am nervous, scared, excited, anxious, and so much more. This week my mind has the best of me. I can do this. I will do this. I keep telling myself that. I can’t wait until I post my finisher pic and my tattoo! Cuz yes… I am getting one!

Go Here If You Can!

04 Nov

Spectrum Specialties is a family run business local to orange County, California. Not only are they AMAZING, sweet, hard working… they are involved in the community. They never miss the opportunity to get to know local businesses or races, people, town members, etc. We need more people like this. Mary and her mom Connie are amazing. And.. even better.. call me bias.. Connie is a triathlete! So, thankfully I have them in my life and close to home. Spectrum Specialties has helped me get my items for my support crew. T-Shirts, beanies, and more! I promise you will not be let down if you use them! Thank you to the moon and back for helping me get my crew set for race day. I will provide pictures of the day and your items!!! XOXOXO

Gratitude & Thankfulness

03 Nov

We should always be grateful and thankful, but November is a time to really show it. I wanted to take time to really tell everyone THANK YOU! I am thankful for my family (pictured above). We got together this weekend to cheer on my little cousin in his freshman football game. Thank you to my family for doing that. Thank you for taking time to show in person to the younger kids that family IS important. To thank them for support, and love, and all the time they put in to making the family stay a family. I know that is what I got out of it. We all took time out of our morning to sit in the HOT sun, and be together. Thank you to my family for showing me the same support. For being there (in person or not) when its not easy. When you hate to see my tired, or struggle. Thank you. Thank you to the random guy I met on my ride Sunday. You didn’t know me but noticed how hard I was working. You took the time to offer words of advice and encouragement. You cheered me on before we parted ways. You were a seasoned triathlete, I could tell. I took to heart what you said. Thank you for being kind. Thank you to my husband who hates to see me leave to get in a workout. Who worries about my safety. I promise you… riding up and down the same path to get in 106 miles is safe. I told you I wouldn’t hit the streets, and I didn’t. Thank you for caring. To my friends who sent me text messages and left me comments on Insta… thank you. This Ironman has consumed my life. It is all I can think about, talk about, stress about, dream about. And I am thankful for that. I have a dream so big some people can’t even fathom it. It has shaped me mentally and physically to a better person. I have much gratitude for people of this sport and all the hard work. To my bestie in France. Who constantly tells me I CAN. Who loves and supports me more than I could ever thank her for being miles a part. To anyone who has self doubt, questions things in life… don’t. Take it. Embrace it. Be thankful for you. There is no other you. Don’t try and be like anyone else. Thank those around you. Call your mom. Be a good friend. Lend a helping hand. Thank you for doing so. Thank you for following. Thank you for reading. I hope I help, inspire, and encourage you in whatever way you need right now.

Two Weeks Until We Leave

30 Oct

Last night I read my athlete’s guide. Took notes on questions I had for my coach. I, like a nerd, highlighted what I thought was important or what I needed to know. I made copies of the course for my support crew. I made piles of what stuff I need to bring out. I have notes ready to bring my coach about all my bags. I set aside my car paint. Yes, car paint. You bet I am making this nothing short of fun and amazing. Decorating the car before we head out. Just like you do for kids baseball tournaments. I have a checklist running of things I still need to get. One of which is a headband to put in my special needs bag. In case it gets cold, I want something I can cover my ears with. Anyways… this is my rant, but 2 weeks from today, we will drive straight in to Tempe where I will pick up my bags. Saturday we will return, and drop off my bike and bags, and I will hop in the lake for a quick swim. Next week is my last full work week before race week. So crazy. I never thought it would be here. I have been training for MONTHS. Since beginning of the year. My friends and family have dealt with nothing but IM talk. I am sure they will be happy when this is over. I will be too. For now… prayers please. 2 weeks to stay healthy and injury free!

Thank You @Merchant!

29 Oct

Big shout out to @Merchant for your continued support. You have graciously helped sponsor me and encourage me in my hardest times. You rock and I am stoked you get to see the end result. And hopefully we are all still awake for an after party! Here is a shameless plug to the FaceBook page as well. I will always support you! Thanks a million! Can’t wait for this day to come!

Not Sure How I Feel

28 Oct

I am tired. This picture on the trainer was taken around 4am. I got up at 3:20am to get on trainer by 3:40am. Only to get to yoga at 5:45am. It’s hard, but if you want to see your family and work, and live.. .a little… you have to do early mornings. But I am about done. Starting to feel beat and super tired. My race numbers came too. Makes me excited, nervous, fearful, happy, and so much more. It’s so close. I leave in 2 weeks to head out to Arizona. WOW! I don’t know what I will do. How I will be. What if I just start balling when I get to Ironman Village? Ugh.. all these emotions. It’s unreal. I know it’s all I talk about. I am sorry. But it seriously consumes your life.


27 Oct

Work hard play hard. Something I truly believe in. I finally let go of rigid early morning training and got up and got dirty. I knew I had to run 9-10 miles, but didn’t care when. I have been really good with morning and afternoon workouts, but family first. I deserve a break and so do my boys. We woke up and made breakfast. Ate it on the balcony, then headed to the beach. It had been a while since we went to play. It was nice. I wish the lifeguard didn’t drive towards us (no dogs on this beach), but we got some good runs in chasing seagulls! I also got to take care of myself. Got my hair did. I can’t have those grey hairs when I cross the finish! Anyways.. I got my run in before dinner. Nice to actually simulate what it will be like on race day. I will start in the sun and finish in the dark. Gets ya thinking! T minus 19 days!

Philippians 4:13

26 Oct

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” – Philippians 4:13 I am not preaching to you all, but keeping this verse in mind this week. I was challenged last week with the death of a family member. He was only 22 and took his own life. Sadly, this happens to be the third suicide in my family. Selfishly, I am like “WTF! I don’t need this 3 weeks before Ironmna!”… but then I woke up a bit. This only fueled my desire to work. This gave me the o-kay feeling to be OK with just finishing. Yes.. I would love a great time. But I am happy to take this challenge. I am happy for my health, and happy that this, though insane to complete, keeps me sane. Some people are not fortunate to have an outlet like I do… in running, or fitness, or yoga. I wasn’t close to this cousin, but he is still blood. My heart hurts for my uncle who has to deal with this. And I pray my family can keep it together. It is hard enough to deal with one, but three!? That’s just awful. So… needless to say I have lacked some focus, but really my priority is my family… and that’s ok. I know I will finish. It may not be pretty… But I am gonna do it. I have my family, my friends, and God behind me. Tell your family you love them. Tell your friends too. Talk about mental illness, depression, suicide. It’s real. Tell people how you feel. I bet you a million bucks you are not alone if you feel sad some days.