Boost of Confidence

30 Apr

Today was pretty awesome. Well… so far at least. Even though I was up later than usual, I made it to the pool. New cap, kick board… I was good. 2 others were there. A man right in the lane to my left. We started the same time. Anyways… It is always SO awkward when you rest at the same time… so I jokingly said, “Wanna race?” He laughed and we started chatting. He told me I was too good for him. I laughed even harder. He asked if I was on a swim team or in training. I said no swim team. I explained how I HATED swimming, and have to convince myself every time to get in the pool. But he continued to tell me he was a sprint triathlete, and he thought I was a very natural swimmer with good form. Now… I KNOW that is not totally true, but when a complete stranger tells you that… someone who has swam before… I mean.. that gave me a large smile and the courage to swim a little more than usual today!

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