Bike Butt

19 May

Sunday was a beautiful day for a ride. My friend James and I went on a 3:50 minute bike ride. VERY slowly, but we did it. The goal was to be in the saddle for 4 hours. I would say we were pretty darn close. One major lesson learned: DO NOT wear normal workout pants when riding that long, and INVEST in good shorts with a good shammy. LOL None the less, a great time with a good friend. I am very appreciative and grateful for James. He lives in north county OC, and was the very first person to talk to me about IM, teach me about clipping in, and supporting me with my trials in training. JAMES- If you are reading this, THANK YOU! You are so calm about all my stresses and questions. You are a great friend (who else gets up to meet me at 6am in rancho from Yorba Linda) and a great athlete! XOXOXO PS.. Look at that smile on James in the pic! and the beautiful ride!

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