Uniting a Community of Women

25 Sep

Last night I had the privileged of teaching a workout at our local New Balance store. It was a women’s only event with a social aspect, as well as fitness. We had a group between 30-40 women show up for a night of fun. Most people were strangers to one another. This made it even more amazing! I love the idea of bringing together like minded people, especially women, and empowering one another. My favorite thing from the night was a pair that had met that evening. They instantly hit it off. They introduced themselves and thanked me for the workout and motivation. The one woman was working out for the FIRST time in 7 years. She has 3 children and hadn’t found the time. She saw this event posted and thought she would try it. Her new found fitness friend said she would be her buddy in getting in shape again. THIS MADE MY NIGHT! This is what womanhood should be about. Helping, uniting, encouraging. Whether you are training for an ironman, or happy to get a walk in… we should all be there for each other. Stop the competition and start joining forces. I know it’s really hard to have that mind set living in orange County, but we have to! I had a blast! I hope we get to do this again! Thank you again to the staff and owner at New Balance OC. I love my shoes and apparel. It was a great event and people are talking about it still!

Thanks Snail’s Pace & New Balance!

23 Sep

In other exciting news, I was invited by a friend who is a running coach for Snail’s Pace, to teach at an event for New Balance at the South Coast store It’s a women’s only event and I get to lead the bootcamp! I am so thrilled, honored, and grateful that I get to help other women connect in the community, as well as with themselves. Empowering women and being an inspiration is what I strive to do daily! I was seeded these shoes you see above, and today I ran in them. I love them! I think these will be my new race day shoes! So excited and thankful! I can’t wait to blog about the event!

I Feel Like I Can Conquer The World Today!

22 Sep

Today I dreaded my morning workout. I had to do 3700… my longest swim to date. Ever. In my life. I was over thinking it, yet trying to prepare. I don’t know why I let swimming get to me. But I do. The worst part… pool swimming is easy. Come game day.. it’s open water. But whatever. I was so worked up I had the nervous poops. Yeah, I said it, LOL. None the less.. my coach wanted me to do it in 1:15 minutes.. I did it 4 minutes slower. But to be honest.. in my head I had imagined it would take me close to 90 minutes. So I was happily surprised. IronMan is 4000.. or slightly over. So I was VERY close to my actual distance on race day. I hope I can swim a decent time that day, but believe me, I will just be happy to get out with out being disqualified! After I finished my swim.. I sat in the spa and just reflected… I am doing things I never would have imagined. Forever grateful and thankful for my health, support, and coach. I feel like I can do anything today!

Arizona Heat Wave

21 Sep

Last week I was lucky to take some time to relax. Well, I wasn’t supposed to relax… we had a nice hike planned, but mother nature had other plans for us. Unfortunately we got some flash floods and had to sit this hike out. We stayed at “basecamp” and headed to Sedona instead. We hiked some beautiful terrain. Red and green, rocky, and flat. Much time was spent in the gym riding or in the pool. I was bale to get in a long ride Saturday as well with a family friend. I was able to chill, shop, eat, and relax, but it actually stressed me out a little being outside of my ‘routine’. I actually was just over it. Felt like I didn’t want to race. This was more fun than early mornings and mid day workouts. I had a few bad workouts and that set me back mentally. After yoga this morning. I realized I only have 6 weekend until race day. That means only SIX long workouts left. That is NOTHING. I really need to hunker down and focus on the end goal… being an IRONMAN. I can do it. I had a lot of pressure on myself for performing really well. I still do, but I also no that the more I stress the worse I do. So I need to relax and just work. Hopefully you enjoy the pics. I will try and blog more my last 6 weeks of this incredible journey! XOXO Happy Monday!

The Trainer Travels

05 Sep

Sometimes you wake up and your mind says YES, but your body says no. I had that happen… and I was so guilty about my workout. What was I going to do? Then I remembered I have a bike rack on my car now, and my trainer is EASY to move around. So… I brought it all to work, and sat for an hour on the trainer in the gym. It was a great workout. I stayed consistent and sweat a ton. I was able to listen to a Ted Talk, as well as watch a TRX class for the last 30 minutes. That kept me pretty occupied. I am thinking I will get in more rides on the trainer when I can. I felt great!

Good Friends

04 Sep

I have the best clients, friends, and husband. I had a cross training workout to do, and everyone joined! It was WAY more fun that doing it alone. I hope I can do this again! We did lots of single leg drills, squats, core, lunges, some push ups, jump rope, etc.. happy to have company with some of my biggest supporters!

70 Miles of Sunshine & Smiles

02 Sep

This weekend I road my longest in mileage. 70.5 miles in the books. A group of us started early to beat the heat. I am so so glad we did. I was back at my car by 10:40am. It was awesome. Tho I was the slowest of the group, I had all smiles. Happy to have the company. I will admit, it’s really hard knowing you have improved so much on the bike, to just come out and be the slowest. Not sure if its my bike or me… but it sucks. I am trying to focus only on my training, but I am so competitive. Not that I want to beat anyone, but I want to be better. I want to prove to my coach, and myself I can race this competitively. Anyways.. none the less, very happy knowing I did it. It’s always a good day when I can wake up and do what I do. I really shouldn’t complain. Some people have it worse. XOXO

Las Vegas Mini Vacation

27 Aug

This past weekend, Josh and I decided last minute to head to Vegas. We have friends out there so we were very lucky we could go as a family…. dog and all! We almost didn’t go, since it was just what we would do at home… but we went. And I am glad we did! Sometimes just a change of scenery is nice. We literally just hung out. We cooked every meal in, we swam and BBQ’d, watched TV, and walked around town and got ice cream. I was lucky to find a group to ride with. I only got in 3.5 hours, but I did get something in. I got dropped super quick, but still enjoyed the scenery! I was slightly under the weather, but not enough to let it get me down. We are very fortunate to have friends like Mo and Haylee and very appreciative that everyone understands I still need to train. And that I was able to and in a safe place. Thank you!

Celebrate Her Goals

25 Aug

The subject line is just one of the MANY passages I like from this book SHE. I was sent this book from my fairy god fans Erin & Becca. A HUGE thank you. This book makes you want to live in the moment, and truly live your life. I will try and continue to share quotes from this book. It’s all about celebrating “her”. I am in love with it. It’s super cute and colorful and just amazing! This will definitely keep me going. XOXOXO