Arizona Heat Wave

21 Sep

Last week I was lucky to take some time to relax. Well, I wasn’t supposed to relax… we had a nice hike planned, but mother nature had other plans for us. Unfortunately we got some flash floods and had to sit this hike out. We stayed at “basecamp” and headed to Sedona instead. We hiked some beautiful terrain. Red and green, rocky, and flat. Much time was spent in the gym riding or in the pool. I was bale to get in a long ride Saturday as well with a family friend. I was able to chill, shop, eat, and relax, but it actually stressed me out a little being outside of my ‘routine’. I actually was just over it. Felt like I didn’t want to race. This was more fun than early mornings and mid day workouts. I had a few bad workouts and that set me back mentally. After yoga this morning. I realized I only have 6 weekend until race day. That means only SIX long workouts left. That is NOTHING. I really need to hunker down and focus on the end goal… being an IRONMAN. I can do it. I had a lot of pressure on myself for performing really well. I still do, but I also no that the more I stress the worse I do. So I need to relax and just work. Hopefully you enjoy the pics. I will try and blog more my last 6 weeks of this incredible journey! XOXO Happy Monday!

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