April Self Reflection

29 Apr

This month, the I RACE LIKE A GIRL TEAM has a monthly challenge of self reflection on you and your sport(s)… let me start with.. I have already met some awesome women.. and this team is open to ANYONE (www.iracelikeagirl.com) For sake of time.. I am going to just post each question with my answer… hopefully this will help me AND you!

  1. Something I do well in my sport is …. not take it TOO seriously.
  2. Something I do even better in my sport is … encourage others
  3. My greatest strength as an athlete is.. DISCIPLINE.
  4. I am proud that I… stuck with it. . . legit..
  5. My greatest strength is … finding gratitude
  6. I can help my teammates to.. find the FUN!
  7. I have the power to .. make a difference in the world
  8. I was able to decide to.. start my own side business
  9. I am not afraid to.. be me!
  10. I want to be strong enough to .. hmmm…. do an ultra marathon?
  11. Something I can do now that couldn’t do last year is… say I am a homeowner!
  12. I have accomplished.. a lot… mentally.. more than anything.
  13. If I want to, I can .. eat sushi… but let me be very clear.. I don’t want to..LOL
  14. My greatest achievement is .. overcoming severe depression and finding how much life is worth waiting for.

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