Take a deep breath. It’s time to make life and work balance.

Cal Coast Fitness (CCF) provides customized fitness programs to enhance the wellness of organizations and their employees. Whether you’ve heard the buzz about corporate wellness but don’t know where to begin, or you already have an established program, CCF has a fresh approach to offer your team.

With over six years of experience in corporate wellness, founder and lead trainer, Jade Tully, understands how to integrate an inclusive fitness program into your business strategy that leads to productive, healthy employees. And in turn, a competitive edge for your company.

CCF brings a positive disruption to the workday by leading in-office, energizing fitness sessions. Group classes are designed for every fitness level and include a variety of workout options including 5k training, boot camps, circuit training, or pilates.

CCF also offers online training programs and one-on-one training options for individuals looking for a more personalized approach.

Let’s get moving!

Pump up heart rates with cardio, not water cooler conversations.