A Morning with Coach Max

11 May

I had a morning with my coach. It’s always nerve racking, but fun when I get to see Max. I get nervous because I don’t want him to know how bad I suck, or how far behind I am, less intense as some.. I dunno… but I fear the judging. Max doesn’t really do that. It’s all in my head, but I think that is a natural feeling. He does have this calming effect too. He makes you feel like everything will be ok. I know it will. But sometimes you need someone else telling you that. Anyways… we did a heart rate test and threshhold test. Basically I worked hard on a trainer for a while, and some how he came up with this estimated time for finishing the bike portion of IronMan. So, 6 hours if I keep up what I have now. So, I am hoping that I can maintain, or do better than that! If I have any fun wisdom.. it is this: I definitely recommend getting a coach at least one time in your life. It really takes the pressure off you, and you get to focus week to week, while the stress about the end goal. I am finally starting to do that, and it has made me feel SO much better about training!

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