The Godparents

11 Jul

It’s time to meet the team! I am so unbelievably lucky to say that there will be 16 of us out in Hawaii for my race. 2 of which we call AP & UJ (Aunt Paula and Uncle John) a.k.a. my godparents.

My fondest memory of these two is a quote by my Uncle John, “..children should be seen and not heard..” Sometimes being in a big Italian family was scary.. looking back.. it’s quite hilarious and I learned to shut the hell up, be a good kid, clear the dishes, and do not question seniority. Anyways… this will be their FIRST Ironman event and FIRST time watching me race. It will be quite exciting to have them there. Their love and support for all I do does not go unnoticed.

This is going to be a wild! Thank you for being by my side! I love your spark for life. You constantly remind us to stay humble and happy. Cheers to Kona 2019 and the best family trip!

Welcome to The Journey!

01 Jul

So, I have been telling my friend Erin for months that I was going to start blogging again. Literally… I keep saying “this week”.  Internally, I can’t quite get the courage, the drive, the whatever it is… it’s not as “exciting” as doing my first full Ironman.  But.. it is. It’s actually better. Same distance, different journey. I am a VERY different person/athlete than I was when I raced Ironman Arizona.  This time around, you will get more real life experiences, a touch of preaching about gratitude, maybe some drama, and a lot about eating and training. LOL

If you are new to this blog… welcome! I am Jade and I am racing Ironman World Championships in Kona this October.  This is going to be my journey through words on why I “TRI”, and how I feel like it’s helping others, including myself, overcome depression and adversity, while inspiring others and bringing people together.

Brief background on me… I come from an amazing family. I was called GI JADE from a very young age. (I got a camouflage power wheels for Christmas one year.. not a pink Barbie one). I stand up for myself and my friends. I was an awesome soccer player, but chose volleyball and track instead. I went to great schools, had parents come to every game, had a good group of friends, and yes, boys had koodies until college, and well.. maybe they still do?!

Like everyone, we all have crap when you are born in to a big family… it is what it is. Unfortunately, our family is known for depression. We have had 4 suicides. 3 in the past several years, with the first being when I was in jr. high. In 2003, I was on a 51/50 (not my prettiest moment obviously). We can dwell on it, or we can educate and grow from it.  My story.. well… I just so happened to have hit a spot in my life where I didn’t know how to cope. I was hard on myself, not wanting to let anyone else down, and wanting to be a people pleaser.  But looking back… I had all the tools; Exercise, physical activities, friends… I just didn’t know what to do and how to get thru hardships.

Life IS hard, but it’s worth waiting for. Never would I imagine life being as great as it is. Not saying its easy all the time and not saying its perfect… but pretty good.

I loved playing ball in college.. thats how I met my now husband… we have traveled to other countries… we own a home.. we have a dog… a great family… a vintage VW… and I get to race Ironman World Championships in Kona. I mean.. WOW! 

Jimmy Buffett once said “Everything in moderation. Make your avocation your vocation. Go see the world. And be Santa Claus when you can.” I truly try to live by this and you should too. I believe in Karma… hence my bike is named Karma. (its appropriate) With the help of nice people, and great support team, and some awesome Shimano parts.. I will be on the best bike at this race!

This has become much longer than I expected… Sorry! In future posts, I will be throwing in blogs about the support team that will be going to Kona with me (15 to be exact), and some fun facts and stories and pics surrounding #teamtully2019