April Self Reflection

29 Apr

This month, the I RACE LIKE A GIRL TEAM has a monthly challenge of self reflection on you and your sport(s)… let me start with.. I have already met some awesome women.. and this team is open to ANYONE (www.iracelikeagirl.com) For sake of time.. I am going to just post each question with my answer… hopefully this will help me AND you!

  1. Something I do well in my sport is …. not take it TOO seriously.
  2. Something I do even better in my sport is … encourage others
  3. My greatest strength as an athlete is.. DISCIPLINE.
  4. I am proud that I… stuck with it. . . legit..
  5. My greatest strength is … finding gratitude
  6. I can help my teammates to.. find the FUN!
  7. I have the power to .. make a difference in the world
  8. I was able to decide to.. start my own side business
  9. I am not afraid to.. be me!
  10. I want to be strong enough to .. hmmm…. do an ultra marathon?
  11. Something I can do now that couldn’t do last year is… say I am a homeowner!
  12. I have accomplished.. a lot… mentally.. more than anything.
  13. If I want to, I can .. eat sushi… but let me be very clear.. I don’t want to..LOL
  14. My greatest achievement is .. overcoming severe depression and finding how much life is worth waiting for.


22 Apr

Allow me to introduce to you my new friend, Karma. She and I met about 2 months ago, and have been learning about our new found friendship ever since. So far, what I know as of yet, is this is gonna be a good one. She is quick, responsive, and gives me courage and power to do all the hard things I want to do this year. Yes, you guessed it… I am back! 2019 is the year of another full Ironman… and I couldn’t be more excited. Turning 35, having the job I do in the bike industry, and the support from my colleagues, friends, and family… I think this time around is gonna be a BLAST!

And.. this SICK kit I am wearing… its the Ambassador team kit for Tres Pinas I was one of the few lucky woman chosen to be a part of this team, and I couldn’t be more excited. Thank you Elise for having me. I think this year is going to be a great one! I will embody the spirit of Tres and the pineapple not only in racing, but every day!

I will be back to blogging about this journey of mine, so stay tuned if you’d like! Until next time… PEACE!