70 Miles of Sunshine & Smiles

02 Sep

This weekend I road my longest in mileage. 70.5 miles in the books. A group of us started early to beat the heat. I am so so glad we did. I was back at my car by 10:40am. It was awesome. Tho I was the slowest of the group, I had all smiles. Happy to have the company. I will admit, it’s really hard knowing you have improved so much on the bike, to just come out and be the slowest. Not sure if its my bike or me… but it sucks. I am trying to focus only on my training, but I am so competitive. Not that I want to beat anyone, but I want to be better. I want to prove to my coach, and myself I can race this competitively. Anyways.. none the less, very happy knowing I did it. It’s always a good day when I can wake up and do what I do. I really shouldn’t complain. Some people have it worse. XOXO