Las Vegas Mini Vacation

27 Aug

This past weekend, Josh and I decided last minute to head to Vegas. We have friends out there so we were very lucky we could go as a family…. dog and all! We almost didn’t go, since it was just what we would do at home… but we went. And I am glad we did! Sometimes just a change of scenery is nice. We literally just hung out. We cooked every meal in, we swam and BBQ’d, watched TV, and walked around town and got ice cream. I was lucky to find a group to ride with. I only got in 3.5 hours, but I did get something in. I got dropped super quick, but still enjoyed the scenery! I was slightly under the weather, but not enough to let it get me down. We are very fortunate to have friends like Mo and Haylee and very appreciative that everyone understands I still need to train. And that I was able to and in a safe place. Thank you!

Celebrate Her Goals

25 Aug

The subject line is just one of the MANY passages I like from this book SHE. I was sent this book from my fairy god fans Erin & Becca. A HUGE thank you. This book makes you want to live in the moment, and truly live your life. I will try and continue to share quotes from this book. It’s all about celebrating “her”. I am in love with it. It’s super cute and colorful and just amazing! This will definitely keep me going. XOXOXO

The 3 Month Countdown

17 Aug

This past weekend marked the 3 month countdown. I can’t believe it. It is going by so fast. I know a lot of people are like, “Oh, you got plenty of time!”, but I have been training for 6 months so far. Not hard core that whole time, but prepping for this event. Learning to like the swim, getting comfortable with volume of workouts and all that. I would start training for a marathon now… I mean it’s crazy talk to me! I have so SO much more work to do and put in. I still can’t imagine biking for that long. I am about to up my mileage and time in the saddle after this weekend. That should be good. Really test where I am at. Briefly at dinner this weekend we chatted about the weekend of the race. I got a little excited, but also felt a bit selfish. Just because I get so excited that I will have a few fans. Plus, it honestly just takes my mind of the fears I have and anxiety of race day. So if I can focus on something else, I am good. We will call the house “Fan Headquarters”. (in my head I have it looking like a ton of people just there to have a good time, but I know it will be a few friends and my parents and the dog.. lol. But we will stock up on food, snacks, matching t-shirts, and we will have a blast! I was told the spectating part is like a long ass tailgate party. You bring chairs, a tent to sit under, food, cheer signs, and you hang out. There are bars/restaurants across the street, so I would hope my fans get liquored up. Will make it more interesting! HAHAHA I also hope that when I finish I have enough energy to go grab a drink! I would hate for people to watch all dang day and I pass out after. No fun! HAHAHAHA… Anyways.. none the less.. I am at the 3 month mark, and just taking it one week at a time. I get really anxious thinking about all the stuff, not just physically, but the rules of IM, the nutrition, etc.. its SO overwhelming!

Lots of Emotions This Weekend

11 Aug

Good morning & Happy Monday! I had a lot to think about this past weekend. First, Friday afternoon I found out that IronMan Arizona is not going to a rolling swim start. There is NO mass start for my race now. Immediately I was relieved. Pretty much instant anxiety gone. My fear of the mass start, 2800 people starting from a treading water start, getting ran over etc, has been cut in half… if not more. The swim for me is all mental. I know I can swim.. . it’s just finishing and swimming in a big group. So though it will still be hard, the mental pressure is slightly at ease now. So Saturday I road. What was supposed to be 4 hours turned in to only 3.5. . I was dead, beat, tired, hot, sore legs, back, neck, knees… not sure what was up. I was hammering for a bit, but not enough to crash like I did. Saturday was the first day I really doubted my biking. This whole time I kept telling myself, and others, that the bike would be where I catch up my time. Looks like I have lots of practice. It was a very humbling weekend. Gonna power thru to this weekend. This weekend is the 3 month countdown. So freaking crazy! Here’s to a good week of training for whatever it is you are training for: 10K, 5K, life, full, tri… go get and stay positive!

Thank You Gildan!

07 Aug

As you may know, I am an ambassador for the Esprit de She race series. With that, I get lots of support from woman around the US, as well as support from sponsors. One sponsor is Gildan. They sent us all a box of inspiration that included: hoodie, t-shirt, journal, muscle spray, water bottle, and bracelet! Thank you so much for taking care of your ambassadors. I hope I inspire and encourage woman every day to TRI something new. Be it a small race or big, biking or running, I hope you get out and be active! XOXO

The Clean Plate Chef

06 Aug

I met The Clean Plate Chef a little bit ago at a cooking demo. It was about 8 women, bottle of wine or two, and some healthy meals. Great night! My favorite recipe out of it was this one above. I love it! I use turkey sometimes and beef sometimes. I certainly suggest you try it. Fun tip: use your leftovers in an egg white scramble. Its a great way to get high protein in!

Checking In

03 Aug

Hello internet! Nothing too new or exciting, but have not posted in a little while. At least words and thoughts. Training is going ok I think. My coach says my fitness is getting better. Slowly I am building up what I need. Each weekend is a challenge to just get thru it. I switched up my ride Saturday and did a hilly 47 miles. That was no fun – LOL. Going back to flat this coming week. Eating is getting better. Doing more food prep and thought out snacks. Really trying to recover well. I found out this morning that my friend/mentor, who I previously wrote about, is volunteering at IronMan Arizona and will be catching finishers… hopefully me! It would really be the full life cycle of this journey if she really did get to bring me in. It makes me get watery eyes just thinking of that moment. The one woman who truly inspires me and encourages me. Who got me in to this crazy mess. HAHAHA. I get to swim again with the masters group that I said I would never do again. I am dreading that, but at this point, just don’t care. I get to meet my coach’s girlfriend. Should be fun. I also get some coffee time with them both. Looking forward to checking in and gaining insight from another woman. She has never raced a full, but on path to get pro card.. or is a pro.. not sure. None the less. Could be good for me! Anyways.. another week of training and another Monday! Happiest of days to you all! XOXO