23 Jul

I was quite surprised the other day when I got a small package. I opened it up and it was this kick ass tank. OF COURSE I was quick to send thanks to Erin and Becca, but when I got a response saying it wasn’t them… I WAS SHOCKED! A day later I got an email from my cousin asking if I got a package… she was the culprit! I was very happy to get it… especially from family. And what makes it even better, is for the first time ever, I had a FAMILY member tell me they were proud of me. It made me tear up. I am so thankful for those words and yes the tank. The pic is a little weird because I was out in the drizzle, but you get the picture! Side note, #teamjade is taken, so I am taking #teamgijade For anyone who reads this, is inspired by this, trains with me, goes to IMAZ for the race, lets use this hashtag as well!

My Mentor & My Friend

21 Jul

As some of you may or may not know, I kind of just stumbled in to the triathlon world. I was a runner. An avid runner. Until I came up with a chronic planter fascia issue in my left foot. I battled with MAJOR pain for 15 months until I decided to get it looked at. I was told in December 2013 that I needed surgery, but I was racing Carlsbad and had been training with a coach. Ugh.. so the deal was I could race Sunday and get my surgery the day after. I did just that. Monday after surgery I woke up and knew right away that I was better. The pain was gone. It was amazing! Anyways, I had a physical therapist I saw when I had my shoulder surgeries… we will call her C. (I want to respect her privacy so I will not reveal a full faced pic or her name) She got me in to endurance running after my second shoulder surgery. Basically she told me I needed a back up in case volleyball wasn’t meant to be. So, she inspired me to do that. Then I had my foot surgery. She had gotten in to triathlons and encouraged me to. I was like AW HELL NO. But I was forced to swim and bike after surgery. I couldn’t run for MONTHS! It was torture! Fast forward, C was signed up to be a part of this all women’s talk at REI. 3 women from all different walks of life, talking about how to handle triathlons… the work life balance. The community there and the women. SO INSPIRING. I met some great people. Its an expensive sport and I had women offer wetsuits, bikes, etc. WHO KNEW! So I considered it. None the less…fast forward to Sunday night. My friend C met me for a beer at a local sports bar. Just to chat. Check in with me, give advice. I couldn’t be more appreciative. We were there for 3 hours. Just talking. It was so refreshing to be able to have that conversation. talk about the good, bad, and the ugly. I have been reflecting a lot lately about my journey and the people involved, and I respect her so much. The picture of the lady on the bike is her. She is an elite athlete, amazing friend, PT, wife, and mentor. I can’t be more thankful for such a good role model and mentor. I owe her the world!

Polar Cryotherapy

16 Jul

So, have you heard of Cryotherapy? It’s the thing Labron James is doing as well as a ton of other athletes and sports teams. Check out there I went here It’s a little weird… and I didn’t notice a difference the first time, but I am giving it a go 2 more times. We will see! Basically you get to -140c and your body goes in to “fight or flight” response mode. Its supposedly better than an ice bath…. we will see! I can’t wait to keep you updated!

A Fun Reminder of My First Tri

14 Jul

Thanks to Facebook, I was reminded that 2 years ago today I did my first triathlon. I cannot believe it. The swell was huge that day. I remember Josh was really nervous for me, but hid it well. I actually did ok. I felt like I was the only one who really knew the ocean. LOL Bike was so so and the run was HARD. My legs didn’t want to move.. not even for 3 miles. I cannot believe that I did that, thought it was too easy (well took me longer to drive there!), and went from a sprint to a half in the same year. From then, it took me a year to decide to to a full. Now I am here today. Training for my first full Ironman. I HATED the half I did in 2013, but loved the challenge. So, we, my husband and I, decided if I got in to the full in Arizona then I would compete. WOW! I did… and here I am, 4 months out exactly from race day, on this journey. I have already learned so much. I can do more than I ever thought I could. I have been more disciplined, learned to listen to my body better: both physically, mentally, and with nutrition. I am a stronger, more confident woman. I work hard and play hard. I love my body, my strength, my courage. I can’t wait to see what the next 4 months bring!

They Believe

11 Jul

If you know me, you know that my training the past few weeks has really ramped up. I have 2-3 a days, long days on weekends, super early mornings, and still working full time, teaching spin 2 nights a week, and bootcamp one night a week. I struggle with the fact that i am about 4 months out and I think this is hard. And not only is it hard, I have learned more than ever that training for a full IronMan is very lonely. Usually everyone trains by themselves during the week, and if you are lucky, you find at least one person to ride with on the weekend. Luckily I have found riders on the weekend, but the week is the hard part. So, to my surprise, coming home from a Monday.. a work day, a spin night, tired from a BIG training weekend… I get the mail after dinner, and opened up this lovely quote. My BFF’s Becca and Erin sent this to me. Timing is perfect. If it were not for the support of these two AMAZING women, I don’t think I would be continuing on. They keep me going. They teach me how to believe. They make me a better friend, person. I have grown so much already this journey. But I can’t help but thank them a million times over. Words can’t express it. But seriously.. how cute is this??? Gold foiled and amazing! I am going to hang it in my office, and plan to hang the photo of my finish right under. I tear up just thinking about all this. It’s amazing. And though Becca is in France, I have all planned in my head that someone will Face Time her as I come in the finish. Erin I hope to fly out LOL and I will be able to have everyone there who helped me thru. Thank you E & B for believing. At times I don’t.. you remind me I should. XOXOXO

Next Stop… Solana Beach!

09 Jul

Sunday was a day I was waiting for all week. We had planned on riding from San Juan Capistrano to Solona Beach. It’s only 50 miles, but the fact that we were riding somewhere and didn’t have to turn around was AMAZING! We road the path, went thru Camp Pendelton, the to Pizza Port. That was our goal: Just get to the pizza! I had a lot of fun. I was the slowest of the 3, but didn’t care. Hopefully the pictures show you just how much fun we had. Despite the wet weather towards the end.. LOL We had 2pm train tickets home. We couldn’t get bike spots any sooner, but it worked out. We walked around the little town, shopped, had coffee, and came back. Oh, lets not forget Erin came and met us for lunch! So happy to see her and have her meet my riding friends. James has been riding with me almost every weekend. It’s great!

Swim Bike Run – Biggest Workout Yet!

07 Jul

Friday I had my biggest workout to date. A 1 hour swim, a 4 hour ride, and a 20 minute run. It was a day off for the 4th of July holiday, and I wanted to have the day to spend doing stuff, so I started at 5:15am. I was up at 4:30. Whew.. I did it! I then got dressed and headed out for Yorba Linda Regional Park where I met James and Kirsten and set off for our 63 mile ride. On the way back, it started getting rather hot. So glad we started early. Once back, I couldn’t convince anyone to run with me, so I set out. I felt good. I actually felt good. It was so weird. It gave me some hope. I then went home and ate a chicken and quinoa salad I made. Thanks to Healthy Little Secret I have been using quinoa SO much. Its great! So.. you would think all is well. LOL…. Saturday I was set out for an easy 90 minute run.. but only lasted an hour. My foot hurt, my glutes on both sides… it was weird. I don’t know how I can go from feeling so good to not at all. I guess it’s the nature of the beast?! Oh well… fun little picture above is of riders painted under an overpass we ride thru. I have always wanted to stop and take a picture… so I finally did!

Let’s Clear Things Up

02 Jul

I finally had the balls to ask my coach about his comments. I want you all to know. I was actually right. He didn’t read/remember the text I sent him saying “When you look at my watch log, you will only see half the route. I forgot to start it. But here is proof I am doing it”. I send this at the half way point in our 4 hour ride. I also make mention of it on our shared calendar. I was actually livid that he missed it. I work so hard to stay consistent. I am trying my best. I know I am not any elite athlete or pro, but I am seeking help and he is my coach. Then I thought about just leaving him because for 2 seconds my thoughts were his new girlfriend was a distraction. (note: she is an elite racer and he is coaching her as well). So am I chopped liver for taking this on? Ugh.. clearly you can tell I am due for my period. My emotions are crazy this week. None the less. I was able to get all my workouts in and have a glass of wine with some good company. Looking forward to a BIG weekend of workouts. can’t wait to tell you about it!