I Don’t Know How This Works

25 Jun

So, I keep getting little remarks like “2 hours is not 4 hours on a bike, you need to ride longer more consistently”. . . I am 4 months away… do I need to be riding 65-85 miles now? I am not sure, I am actually questioning. Its so long so soon I feel like. If it gets harder and worse from here, will I make it? Am I cut out for this? When you don’t have home support, it makes it tough to get out the door. I feel guilty EVERY time. I really don’t know what to do. I feel like an idiot. Of Course 2 hours is not 4 hours. But isn’t 2 hours better than no hours? Ugh.. I am struggling with this right now. Making this all fit in to a summer schedule is not so easy. Thats all for now. Small rant today. My margarita at Taco Tuesday will make it all better!

My New Best Friend

23 Jun

I have a new Suunto watch that can basically do everything with me. It is so advanced, it can basically have a dance party with me! This thing tells me how many laps I do in a pool, my HR, my rest time, my mileage, GPS, how slow I am, how fast I am, when I do multiple sports in a day, and more. ITS FREAKING CRAZY! I was looking in to all the Garmin watches and different technologies, but to be honest, this is great. Pretty user friendly, and beautiful. It’s easy to read, and the software connects with multiple sited to track your progress. If you are looking for a watch.. ask me more. Check out the site. It’s great!

SSSSSHHHHH…. A Healthy Little Secret!

22 Jun

Some of my clients and I had the privilege of meeting the owner of Healthy Little Secret after our workout last week. Catherine came in and demonstrated 3 EASY ways to cook/use quinoa. We got to sample a breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It was AMAZING at how good everything was, as well as easy. You have to commit to about 20 mins to prep and cook, BUT THAT IS IT! Best part…. being able to re-make what we did. Often you can’t replicate or it doesn’t taste the same, but not here. A double whammy for me… the breakfast bar we made is a great source of energy for me on my endurance workouts. I road 62 miles on Saturday and took a bar with my shot blocks… PERFECT! I didn’t feel like I crashed or bonked. Well, other than just typical tired legs. Often when I try new stuff I get the poops or upset tummy.. but this was a great breakfast before the ride, and snack during. Catherine’s services are great. From healthy coaching to wellness and food prep. She comes HIGHLY recommended by me! Check out her site! I can’t wait to have her over again!

Thank You’s & a High Five

17 Jun

Sometimes I just want a THANK YOU and a HIGH FIVE or a pat on the back. Good job. Keep it up! I get none of that from my household. It makes me furious in a different way. In no way shape or form am I doing this race for anyone but myself, but sometimes you need that support coming. Example…. I got up at 5am this past SATURDAY to get in a 2 hour workout before family time. (we have family in from the east coast on my husbands side). I trained, then we take the dog for a 3 mile walk, then we go do family stuff. I didn’t get a “thanks for getting it in early” or a “you are so determined!” Or whatever BS makes us feel good. And that lack of support makes me want to go away for the last 4 months of training and just kill it. AHHHH. Not sure why this gets to me so much, but it does. I have a ton of support from my friends. It’s great, but sometimes you need it from somewhere closer too. I have been doing a lot of reflecting the past week on my workouts. Taking time to think about life, training, meditating, etc… I need to do more. Bring back the focus. Sometimes I let it build up and its not healthy. But, as you athletes know, we are not all that normal. The things we do, times we get up. Its crazy… but AWESOME!

Each Run is Significant

09 Jun

I recently, just cuz, signed up for the Runner’s World cover search thing where you answer a few questions and then post a pic, and people vote you in. I didnt realize it’s a vote until you submit. I think that is silly, but just my opinion. ANYWAYS…. one of the questions was this: What are your most significant running accomplishments? I answered this: “One is not more significant than the other. Each day I make it out the door is significant. Significant because I have two strong legs that help me run. Significant because I have the determination and dedication to making my body and mind healthy. Significant because I am alive and live in a country where i CAN go outside and run safely. Each day is significant. Carpe Diem” I feel very strongly about my answer. I want to express to anyone who reads this that every day is significant. You don’t need to be better than anyone, or compete with anyone. Competition is good, but do what you do for you… and no one else. Treat each day like its the last. I mean it. I was recently in Ohio for work. They told me not to run outside for fear of getting mixed up in their gangs. Apparently it happens there… we are very fortunate. Take advantage of the fact that you are able to do what you can do. That’s all! XOXOXO

If there is a will, there is a way…

05 Jun

You know what I did this morning? Stayed in bed. That’s right. Instead of my normal a$$ early routine (partially cuz the dog is up too), I stayed in bed and snuggled with Waxer (the dog) and listened to my hubby snore. And it was AWESOME! Sometimes, you have to allow those small, good things, to just be. Because you know what- If there is a will…. there is a way. I know I have 2 workouts today. I can do one at lunch and one after work. And you know what…. it will be ok. I LOVE morning workouts. I feel like I start my day off right, but also learning that its totally OK to just chill. I will make it happen. I am the type that will. And I am letting you know. I didn’t shower before work either. That’s how late I was! LOL


05 Jun

The past two days have not been all that glamorous when it comes to my workouts. Wednesday I had 3 workouts: morning swim, afternoon yoga, and evening spin. I was supposed to swim an hour, and I lasted 35 minutes. This was not just one of those bad days.. this was like, swallow water every stroke, drown, Shamu, back tight, you suck at life morning. So that started off my day. Yoga was hard because I was so sore from cross training Tuesday night. And spin was just crazy because I kicked butt thru all the pain… but then ended just so beat. After spin, my coach proceeded to tell me his girlfriend was faster than me. Which… anyone is faster than me. BUT.. after thinking about it. It kinda got to me. I don’t want to be known as the pathetic athlete. I don’t want to be slow. I need to be intense. I can’t be in denial that this Ironman is a walk in the park. I know its not, but I need to treat my training as intense as this race really is. So I woke up, later than I wanted, but still went to the gym. Ran there.. excuse me.. warmed up more… did my sets for 60 minutes, then ran home. But instead of taking it easy… I pushed myself. When my legs didn’t want to move and my back hurt.. I jut took super deep breaths, loud exhale.. and pushed. I wasn’t gonna give up, walk, stop, or end early. I was F-ing determined this morning. My body hurts, but I am proud. I give up too easily sometimes. Or make excuses. This week I am not doing that. That is my goal. It’s hard. I am already stressed out about my two workouts today. I have family party at night and need to fit it in. I will.. but its hard. A 9-5 job, teaching spin, clients, training, oh ya.. and not having your husband and dog hate you for it all. I think that is the hardest part- Leaving in the morning. It makes me sad to leave my little smush knowing we had a great routine, and knowing that my workouts never interfered with my family life. Ugh. Oh well! Back to the grind. Check in soon! XOXO